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      28th 4NCL OTB Congress


      Friday 8 - Sunday 10 July, 2022, Woodland Grange, Leamington Spa.


      Open | U2000 | U1700 | Fee: ?0.00 | Games | Information & Arrangements






      Note: Our bedroom allocation at Woodland Grange has now been filled. Sorry for any inconvenience.

      Hull 4NCL International OTB Congress




      Friday 14 October - Sunday 16 October, Canham Turner Conference Centre


      Open, U2000 & U1700 | Fee: ?0 | Entries | Information & Arrangements


      See details here about accommodation options for this event.






      Entries close 5pm Fri 14 Oct.

      Hull 4NCL GM Norm Event

      A nine round event Wed 12 - Sunday 16 October at the Canham Turner Conference Centre.





      Full details, players, pairings and results | Replay Games | PGN


      Games will be broadcast LIVE


      3rd 4NCL Online Autumn Congress


      Tuesday 6 September - Tuesday 29 November, 2022


      Open | U2000 | U1700 | U1400 | Games | Information | Winners | Fee: ?0.50




      Rd1 entries close, 5pm Mon 5 Sept.

      4NCL Online - Season 6


        Start Rankings

      Junior 4NCL Online - Season 6


        Start Rankings

      4NCL Online Fair Play Regulations -  Season 6


      All players involved in new registrations will need to sign the Fair Play Form for Season 6. Please note that players will not be available for selection until the fair play form has been signed and received. Previous/old registrations roll over.

      4NCL Online Seasons 6 & 7

      Dates for the next two online seasons are here. Some updated rules will be published soon as well, along with pairings - with thanks to Alex Holowczak and Dave Thomas.

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